Glenn Loury: Those People Are Us

Cowen: Let’s take the part of the white right wing that really likes you. I know there are different phases in your thought, but overall, they really like you. What’s the main point or insight they are missing when it comes to race that you would like them to know but they don’t?

Loury: Thanks for asking that question. I think I have an answer. Those people who are languishing in the ghettos, the housing projects, the lockups, the emergency rooms of the hospital wards, the ones who are doing the carjackings, the ones who are doing the crazy shit that you see when you turn on your television and you look at what’s going on in Chicago or Baltimore or St. Louis or Philadelphia — those people are us. They’re our people. Those are Americans. They are us. That’s us. It’s not them.

Link to timestamp in video.