Grant Sanderson on ‘Commoditizing explanation’

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I think one of the best things that can come out of this pandemic education-wise is if we turn a bunch of teachers into content creators, and if we take lessons that are usually done in these one of settings, and if we start to get in the habit of “commoditizing explanation”. Whatever a student want to learn, it seems inefficient to me that lesson is taught millions of times over, in parallel, across many different classrooms in the world year to year. You’ve got a given Algebra 1 lesson that is taught literally millions of times by different times. What should happen is that there is a small handful of explanations online that exist so when someone needs that explanation they can go to it. So that the time in a classroom can be spent on all of the parts of teaching and education that are not explanation, which is most of it. And the way to get there is to have more people who are already explaining publish their explanations, and have it in a publicized forum.