List of Things That Are Bullshit

Bay leaves

They don’t taste like anything, and they’re not edible. It’s look going out into the yard, pick up some leaves from the ground, and then adding them to your food.

Box Springs

I’m not even sure what the theory is behind these things. You think your mattress needs its own mattress? It doesn’t.


It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s not fun to listen to.


It’s gross.

Stemmed Glasses

What do stems do? They make a glass easier to knock over, easier to break, and harder to wash. Why are these the characteristics you want your classes to have?


You don’t need a wallet. You don’t need a money clip. You don’t need a special “slim” wallet that is just a regular wallet with branding that calls it slim. Just put your wallet stuff in our pocket. It works fine like that. The wallet is redundant.